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Benefits of Chiropractic Auto Injury Treatment after an Accident

Written By Absolute Chiropractic & Rehab on July 28, 2020

rsz autoaccident2One of the scariest things you can go through is an auto accident.  

Beyond the traumatic emotional effects – like PTSD – you can experience acute physical trauma that not only leads to pain now but can result in long-term issues, too. 

It’s, therefore, vital to receive chiropractic auto injury treatment as soon as possible. 

Auto Injury Treatment – Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Pain

While your cervical (neck) vertebrae can be damaged during a whiplash injury, the most common injury you’ll sustain is to your soft tissues, such as: 

  • Muscles 
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments

The soft tissue strains or sprains can be painful and lead to soreness, stiffness, and loss of flexibility and mobility. If not treated, scar tissue can build up, causing even more problems. 

Various studies over the past decade show that left untreated, a whiplash injury can lead to chronic pain. However, with chiropractic auto injury treatment, you can eliminate pain now and down the road.

How Your Chiropractor Treats Auto Injuries

Drs. Steven Reed Anderson and Rick Bartlett will create an auto injury treatment plan that is specific to your unique injury and needs. Your treatment plan will likely include spinal adjustments, which can help break up scar tissue and keep the spine in proper alignment. Misalignment is common after an auto injury and leads to even more strain and tension on the soft tissues of your head and neck. 

Another common recommendation is massage therapy. Your therapist can break up scar tissue and encourage muscle flexibility and better circulation of blood and lymph

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Your Hurst Chiropractor 

After an auto accident, you might not experience pain right away. You should still visit your chiropractor. 

So many people avoid seeking treatment after an accident. Even if they’re in pain, they think their body would eventually heal itself and wait it out. 

With soft tissue injuries, though, you’re at risk of long-term damage to soft tissues – and that can lead to chronic neck pain and headaches. Don’t let this happen to you. 

Do you have neck pain, stiffness, and headaches or migraines after an auto accident? Contact us right away. Call 817-428-0801 to get an appointment so we can put a stop to the damage and painful symptoms.

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