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Learn Proper Sitting Posture to Enhance Work Production

Written By Absolute Chiropractic & Rehab on July 24, 2019

man with neck pain from bad computer posture Back and neck pain can put a damper on your work productivity. Unfortunately, poor posture in the workplace is often to blame for this pain.

As you sit for prolonged periods of time, the large muscles in your back and shoulders begin to tense up. Once these muscles fatigue, other muscles in your upper back and neck tend to take over and overcompensate for the larger tensed muscles. This causes multiple areas of pain – anywhere from your lower back, upper back, or neck.

Proper sitting posture protects these muscles from the strain. Learning the proper techniques and tricks to maintain back health is essential, and you will feel the difference immediately!

5 Tips for Proper Computer Posture

1. Limit Your Sitting Time

Sitting at your desk for long periods of time cause your back muscles to tense up. Instead of working for hours at a time, try to build in mini-breaks throughout your workday. In these breaks, stand up, stretch out, and walk around. Try to loosen up your body and help your back “reset” from the strain.

2. Adjust Your Desk

Desk set-up matters when it comes to proper posture. Make sure your desk chair is high enough so you can properly type. Set your computer monitor no higher than face level or else you risk straining your neck muscles.

3. Sit in Your Chair Properly

Properly sitting in your chair can dramatically affect the way your back feels at the end of the day. Make sure you sit all the way back in your chair. Your lower back should be touching the chair back. Never sit on the edge of your seat or cross your legs. Keep your feet planted on the floor while you work.

4. Invest in Computer Ergonomics

Ergonomic computer equipment is a small yet impactful way to improve your posture. Invest in a mouse that molds to your hand and sits close to you - like a wireless mouse. As for the keyboard, choose one that you can rest your wrist on if need be.

5. Utilize a Standing Desk

Standing desks sit on top of your normal desk. You can raise the desk so that you can stand while you work, or easily lower it when you wish to sit again. Choosing to stand will eliminate bad posture from your day.

Chiropractic Care in Hurst, TX

If you find you are still dealing with back and neck pain, even after following these tips, come see the professionals at Absolute Chiropractic and Rehab.

Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Anderson will answer your questions, educate you on chiropractic care, and treat your back pain so you can work comfortably again.

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